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Photos of the Zaza music video recording

3 February 2017


Here are a few of the photos taken at Pretville and the Shayamanzi Wildlife ranch during the recording of Zaza´s misuc video...




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Ziana - Music video recording photos26 January 2017

wwww.leopard.tvZiana, sister of Zaza, showed us that there can be a bond between leopard and man... (See more)

The Eyes of Secrets - Music video recording photos26 August 2016

wwww.leopard.tvWhat are the secrets hidden behind those beautiful eyes? What have they seen that we can only imagine? How... (See more)

Shayamanzi - "Hit the Water"15 July 2016

wwww.leopard.tvShayamanzi means "Hit the Water" in Zulu, referring to the many fountains springing up in the hills and valleys. Shayamanzi´s mountainous area and ample water... (See more)

Zorro - sung by Martin Bester28 April 2016

wwww.leopard.tvThe Zorro music video was recorded where the movie "French Toast" was filmed and is sung by Martin Bester from "The Martin Bester driver show" on Jacaranda FM... (See more)

Recording of the Wild Dogs song14 April 2016

wwww.leopard.tvEnjoy these photos taken at the recording of the Wild Dogs song. Wild Dogs is sung by In the beginning... (See more)

Bobby van Jaarsveld singing the song Zen11 March 2016

wwww.leopard.tvBobby van Jaarsveld sings the new Zen song which was recently released. Bobby and Doreen Coetzee can also be seen in the music video recorded at Shayamanzi. Enjoy this photos taken at the recording... (See more)

Recording of Has it come to this19 November 2015

wwww.leopard.tvHas it come to this is one of our new songs and is sung by Charlize Berg and Regan Gascoigne... (See more)

Pieter Koen during the recording of Zan10 November 2015

wwww.leopard.tvScroll through these photos taken at the recording of Zan... (See more)

The Shayamanzi song!27 October 2015

wwww.leopard.tvWe are currently busy with the recording of the Shayamanzi song... (See more)

Behind the scenes with Bobby van Jaarsveld20 August 2015

wwww.leopard.tvWe are busy with a new leopard song, dedicated to Zen... (See more)

Preview of the Ziana song20 January 2014

wwww.leopard.tvYou can now buy the song and music video... (See more)

Behind the scenes at the recording of Ziana30 August 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch and listen to video clips of behind the scenes at the recording of Ziana... (See more)

Behind the scenes at the recording of Zaza31 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWe go behind the scenes with Marlee van der Merwe at the recording of Zaza... (See more)

The making of the Zaza song14 May 2013

wwww.leopard.tvWatch and listen to a few clips of the making of the Zaza song... (See more)

Preview of the Zaza song20 January 2013

wwww.leopard.tvThe Zaza song is written by Machiel Roets and recorded by Marlee van der Merwe. We hope that those who listen to it will be inspired to make leopards part of there thought process, actions and passion... (See more)

Preview of the Shayamanzi theme song23 November 2012

wwww.leopard.tvWatch and listen to a few seconds of the Shayamanzi theme song, The Eyes of Secrets... (See more)

Shayamanzi theme song - behind the scenes24 August 2012

wwww.leopard.tvThe song, about the leopards on the Shayamanzi wildlife ranch, was written and recorded by Rudi Claase. Other artists who recorded the song include, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Sonja Heroldt, Corlea Botha and Jay du Plessis... (See more)

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