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Watch wildlife anywhere, anytime!

Leopard.tv brings to you the APP every wildlife enthusiast wants. Open your eyes into the African wildlife world with full access to a live camera and new animal videos every week for only $2 per month. NOTE: you can access the "Buy online" section and purchase songs and other items while not subscribed or logged in.

The Shayamanzi Ranch, home to the free roaming leopards, is situated in the heart of the Waterberg mountains in South Africa. It provides a natural habitat for these endangered cats to be able to roam free, but the question still remains: for how long? Here on this ranch, leopard.tv positioned unmanned cameras to capture natural wildlife behaviour which also includes documenting this mysterious cat with a Leopard Mystery Project.

With the Leopard Mystery Project, leopard.tv tries to unravel the secrets behind those mysterious eyes in hopes to bring that message and secrets to you; by creating songs about and contributed to each leopard character that has made its path towards Shayamanzi. These songs are also sung by top South African artists like Bobby van Jaarsveld, Corlea Botha, Jay du Plessis and many more.

Not only can you read and learn about each leopard character, you can also watch videos and read more about other animals and wildlife including the BIG 5 of Africa. Professor J. du P. Bothma formerly of the University of Pretoria provides scientific insight into the lives of the wildlife and predators captured on camera.

Show your support, download the APP and subscribe NOW - you can have and African Experience and Virtual Wildlife in the palm of your hand for only $2 per month and also contribute to preserve a leopard legacy for next generations.



  1. On your cellphone or tablet: press on the iStore (Apple) or Play Store (Android) icon
  2. In the store press on the "Search" field and type "Leopard.tv"
  3. Press the "Search" button
  4. Choose the Leopard.tv app and press "Install"
  5. On your phone or tablet, press on the Leopard.tv app and enjoy life wildlife and videos!


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