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Buying and selling wild animals: Part 3

7 October 2015


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Animals of exceptional quality that are currently being sold at high prices on auctions will never enter the meat market. For example, a greater kudu bull that is sold for R9 million or more can never be used for anything other than improving the quality of a herd, provided that it still physiologically able to breed and is not replaced as a dominant animal in a free-ranging herd. Animals that are being held captive for a while before being transported and released also usually have higher mortality rates than those that are released directly after capture. This is makes passive capture economically attractive.

Environmental conditions play a decisive role in wildlife sales. Especially rare, wild animals that are being sold during the dry season when the veld conditions at their release site is poor are usually sold at lower prices than at other times. Drought conditions over the main wildlife ranching regions can also cause a price decline. Although more expensive wildlife... (Become a subscriber for more)



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article by Prof J du P Bothma



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